Vegan Fluffy Doughnuts.

IMG_1292These are  amazing!
Today just first time to make doughnuts.
taste and texture is perfect even use no egg no butter.
I guess the point is add coconuts oils.
When I make into recipe on web,people usually add no any oils.(as vegan way and japanease way)
Maybe people wants to make less oil like healthier.
I’m not sure though,just guess.
Just need to leave it till cool enough.
How these texture will go….

Oh,last midnight it happened.
Suddenly family made sound outside that shouting and beating loudly.
I jumped out of bed and went outside.
There was wild elephant!!
Just behind of our house.
I was so excited,elephant was so cuuuute.
But it could be dangerous.
They may break our house,gate or trees.(already they broke our gate though)
I don’t think It mean no food in the forest,as our place in the forest.
… could be?
I don’t know.
And this is true,there was no house,any building or even any structures 40years ago.
Not to mention we have been damaging.
Umm I’ve mixed feeling….

Anyway a before yesterday midnight also came panther.



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